Visit Gyumri

The Idea

Throughout the centuries Gyumri was labeled as the “city of arts and crafts”, famous for its schools, theaters, and gusans. In 1912, Gyumri was home to the first opera ever staged in Armenia. It is also home to the first Armenian opera theatre opened in 1923.


This project posed some tough challenges. We had to leverage the existing device’s video capabilities, but build a custom movie maker application. The requirements included: adding a soundtrack, inserting special effects, editing scenes, and much more. Building the app for both iOS and Android posed another level of difficulty. We had to find a solution that would allow us to share common codebase between the two apps, but also have native functionality for the primary recording and editing.

What's about

The Gyumri Walking Tour is the ultimate companion that guides and introduces the cradle of Armenian culture and architecture. This app allows you to explore the rich history of Armenia’s second largest city and a recognized CIS culture capital. You get maps, pictures, descriptions and an audio guide. The tour is also timed to match the train from Yerevan, so you can take the environmentally friendly train to Gyumri from the capital. The tour will start from the train station and be your companion to the city, the architectural gems and the wonderful creative people of Gyumri. The tour will then end back at the train station in time for you to catch the afternoon train back.

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