More Fun ... More Profit

Trivia is taking the world by storm. Introducing TriviaMatic, a phone app or paper-based system that enables you to bring trivia nights into your restaurant & bar with the click of a button. TriviaMatic will become one of your best business decisions ever because it directly increases sales, customer retention & satisfaction. Plus, it’s a lot of fun for everyone on all platforms: mobile app, website or paper.




What to Expect from Trivia Night

Bring in More Customers

Draw visitors on a slow weeknight via hosting a trivia night. It helps triple the amount of your visitors because it is great excuse for people to meet with friends after a hard working day.

The Industries Best ROI

By investing $99 a month our customers are
showing a total of $24000 profit a year. Trivia nights significantly increase profit and make those days the busiest nights of the week.
Our Trivia Night ROI Calculator

Hosting Flexibility

TriviaMatic gives you the flexibility to host
yourself or have others to host the the quiz night for you. Even the service staff can make extra money with trivia night.
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Quality Quizzes

Content is the king. Not only we strive to create
the best quality, but we also provide the best variety of quizzes. Get the best quizzes of the industry in our Game Store.
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Our Culture

TriviaMatic is not just a company, it is a place for innovation, fun and business values. We are a collaborative team that inspires fresh ideas, innovative thinking and game changing solutions. We are successful, and it makes our clients successful too.

Featured Trivia Quizzes

App Screenshots

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