We chose the pomegranate as our symbol.


There are hundreds of seeds in it. The seeds represent the ideas, and how we can grow those seeds into more and more pomegranates.

About Digital Pomegranate

Because Ideas Matter

We are Digital Pomegranate, a company with strong DESIGN and TECH background. We work for businesses to make a difference in small and medium enterprise sector. And we change things with creativity and design. Creativity comes through us, not from us. We talk to you to get your ideas, develop them, rethink them and transition it back to your business customers via  a website and an app. We do not work for you, we work with you to grow your business.



Because Social Impact Matters

We Are a Social-Impact-First Mentality company. Based in Gyumri, the second largest city of Armenia, we see ourselves as the true citizens of this town and care about it as much as we care about our business. Gyumri used to be the engineering brain of the Soviet Country - a prosperous beautiful town in the north-western part of Armenia. Then the earthquake stroke. The city was devastated by the natural disaster and left half-dead losing the strong human potential and the 100% of its industry.

And we are here to unleash that potential and invest in people of Gyumri. We have started a movement that is aimed at empowering Gyumri talented people through job creation, allowing them to earn a sustainable living and stay in the country.

Today, being the second town in a newly independent developing country and carrying a rich heritage in history, traditions, art and architecture, Gyumri has a huge potential in developing creative industries like IT. 

Gyumri Technology Center is the IT catalyst in Gyumri, Armenia's growing hub of tech and creativity. The center was been established by Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), the RA Government and the World Bank to turn Gyumri into a regional and international IT center. The goal is to create developing environment, opportunities and services that will enable job creation and support for the talented youth of Gyumri city. The center will contirbute to the sustainable economic development of the region through IT industry and related fields.


We are NOT a Group of People
We Are a TEAM


We believe to have found the perfect alignment needed for such ambitious goals that we have set for ourselves. The combination of partners in the venture is unique. We have a software engineer, a marketer and a financier. An interesting mix of people that have come together to make a difference.


Todd Fabacher



Zara Ingilizian

Co-Founder/ Branding Advisor


Gayane Ghandilyan

Sales & Communications Officer


Gurgen Hovhannisyan

Back End Developer


Aida Ghazaryan

Web Designer


Narineh Hovhannisyan

Project Manager


Gohar Abrahamyan

Web Developer


Lilit Broyan

Web Development Manager


Greta Movsesyan

Web Designer


Annie Ginosyan

Marketing and Sales Specialist


Anushik Saroyan

Graphic Designer


Armenuhi Mkrtchyan

Mobile Developer


Sevak Achemyan

Mobile Developer


Narek Pogosyan

Mobile Developer

Managing a Creative Team to Success

by Todd Fabacher, Digital Pomegranate CEO

We get lost in the daily grind of deadlines and deliverables.  As a long-time programmer and entrepreneur, I was touched when one of my team members thanked me for giving her “the wings to fly“. It got me thinking about the challenges we face managing a creative team.  

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